LSHTM Careers Ambassadors

Written by Jonathan Carrington, Employer Liaison Project.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has recently started a Career Ambassadors project. The goal our project is to improve and expand the awareness of the diverse mix of career opportunities available to the current LSHTM students.

Our team consisting of Ranya Mulchandani, Diogo Martins, Brian Wong and myself have spent many long nights sending email after email to organisations of tens to tens of thousands of people. We have been carrying out informational interviews with a diverse mix of organisations ranging from UNICEF to Unilever, gaining information on specific recruitment rounds, required skills and experience, job roles available and working cultures.

The information we are collating will add to the labour market information available to LSHTM students and we want to highlight non-clinical roles as the skills developed in your masters are desired in a variety of industries.

We have tried to conduct interviews with a diverse mix of organisations of various sizes to demonstrate the huge variety of career paths your master’s program provides you with. Our resource has information on clinical, management and support roles that may be of interest to the current year group.

Several of our interviews have been conducted with LSHTM alumni, as students can trace a direct career path from the School to an institution of interest to the student.

For more information or if you would be happy to be interviewed in support of this project please email me at: .

Image provided by LSHTM Careers Ambassadors.

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