This Wormy World – Mapping Helminth Infections

GAHIThe Global Atlas of Helminth Infections (GAHI) is an open-acess geographical information resource providing maps showing worm, or helminth, infections, as well as the data underpinning them. GAHI also offers data on the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of helminths. All data and maps are available on the GAHI website.  GAHI was started in 1998 by LSHTM Prof. Simon Brooker and Don Bundy of the World Bank. Read more

LSHTM Centre for Evaluation and IDEAS at the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation Conference, Seattle

evaluationDr. Tanya Marchant, member of the LSHTM Centre for Evaluation and the IDEAS project, will be presenting her work on measuring skilled attendance at birth using linked household, health facility and health worker surveys in Ethiopia, North-East Nigeria, and Uttar Pradesh, India at the Global Health Metrics and Evaluation Conference, Seattle. Read more

The Great Registry Bake-Off 2013

This week the alumni office has had the arduous task of judging the Registry’s Annual Bake-off. You may remember them for processing your application, sending you your transcript, or getting you your NUS card, but our lovely Registry team’s talents go far beyond that. lemon drizzle cakeThere were two or three delicious concoctions for us to judge every day, by scoring on appearance, aroma, complexity, taste and texture.  We took our judging very seriously, and sometimes even went back for seconds, just to make sure. And to ensure there was no skulduggery, the identity of the bakers were withheld until the competition had ended, and the scores submitted. Read more

Site-Finder – Web Application for Global Health Networks in Developing Countries

Introducing a new exciting web application to facilitate Global Health collaborations in developing Countries. SitefinderSite-Finder is available on the Global Health Network, and provides a free, online facility for research sites to promote themselves to potential collaborators and sponsors.  In parallel, research groups planning studies can let others know about their ideas and that they are looking for others to work with. Site-Finder provides a free, online facility for research sites to promote themselves to potential collaborators and sponsors. In parallel, research groups planning studies can let others know about their ideas and that they are looking for others to work with. Sponsors with trials can also conduct highly detailed and informative searches for trial sites that are tailored to their specific needs. Site-Finder will automatically link the parties, and an automated messaging system will inform sites of new studies relevant to them. This will encourage greater diversification of health research in developing countries, thereby improving health outcomes globally. Read more

Join LSHTM’s Online Alumni Community

School alumni can now register to join the School’s Online Alumni Community. This community allows you to search for friends, network online, update details, book for events, make donations and purchase school merchandise.

You can make sure we’ve got the correct contact details for you in the ‘My…

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Dr Lucy Breakwell – The CDC way

Lucy breakwell Dr Lucy Breakwell studied MSc Public Health in 2011.  She has recently been accepted onto the 2013 Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) programme at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, USA. “This July I will start a two year training post at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, USA. I am one of 82 officers selected for the 2013 Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) cohort. EIS provides on-the-job training in epidemiology both within the USA, and internationally. It is predominantly aimed at US citizens but accepts approximately ten internationals (from around 250 foreign applicants) each year.  The scheme provides an amazing opportunity to become experienced in both participating and leading many different types of epi investigations. Read more

STRIVE: Measuring partner violence: How and why?

STRIVE is a research consortium based at the School that investigates the social norms and inequalities that drive HIV.

STRIVE has a new project to measure partner violence. They explain: “Einstein once said not everything important can be measured, but an accurate assessment of the magnitude of a problem certainly helps elevate its importance. How can we get accurate measures of violence as it occurs throughout women’s lifespans, and how will this help to assess the magnitude - and causes - of intimate partner violence? Read more

Dr Quique Bassat

Dr.Quique & Lab tb 004Dr Quique Bassat from Barcelona, Spain, is a paediatrician and a malaria expert at IS Global – The Barcelona Institute for Global Health.  He studied MSc Epidemiology in 2008. He recently particpated in TED Barcelona, giving a talk on ‘Why being a public health reasercher is cool’. “It's already been five years since I left LSHTM. Five intensive but extremely satisfying years. Immediately after the end of the MSc in Epidemiology, in the summer of 2008, I returned to my hometown Barcelona. I had a pile of “future papers” waiting in my desk, which I needed to write in order to finalize my PhD. These were the result of three years spent in Mozambique, working as a paediatrician and a clinical researcher, trying to understand why malaria was such a fascinating albeit terrible disease. Read more

Happy 1st Birthday to LSHTM Research Online

It is one year since LSHTM Research Online was launched, and in that time 21,927 records have been imported, of which 3245 have full text papers.

Individual academics and students can set up email alerts based on their interests and will be informed when a new article appears in…

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Houston, We Have a Chapter

Rocket-LaunchWe are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new LSHTM Alumni Houston chapter!  Their very first meeting will be held on June 20th at the Skyline Deli and Cafe (1020 Holcombe Blvd, Suite 120) from 6:30pm.  (The venue is close to the medical centre and has parking available in the evening.) This event is open to all alumni – whether you have a permanent base in Houston, or are passing through.  Chapter meetings are a great way to meet up with old school friends, and even to make new ones.  They are also a really useful way to network, and make new professional connections. Read more