Upgrade to Moodle 2.8: New Features

Upgrade to Moodle 2.8

The annual Moodle upgrade to version 2.8 will take place on 30th July 2015. On this day the site will be accessible, albeit in ‘read-only’ mode, meaning that while students and staff will retain full access to most resources during the upgrade, no updates or changes will be possible. Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll notice a few new features and changes to the interface.

User interface

Text autosave

The new Atto text editor includes a new auto-saving feature that automatically saves your content as a draft at regular intervals. This new feature means that your work is secure if you accidentally navigate away from a page. This may be helpful if you make regular use of activities such as Forums. Moodle have produced a short video to explain the function.

New user menu

A new user menu gives quick access to personal pages such as My Home and My profile settings. Moodle’s overview of the features is available as a video.

New user menu

New user menu – easy access to My Home & My Profile

Forum enhancements

‘Like’ forum posts

A new single item scale has been added to activities so that students can now ’like’ a post in a forum.

Like scale

Single item scale – ‘like’

Subscribe to individual discussion topics

Users can now subscribe to individual forum discussions and receive email notifications of posts made to the threads they have selected. The envelope icon shows that the user is subscribed to the discussion. Clicking the dot next to the discussion will subscribe the user to that thread.

A user can also subscribe to a discussion once they have entered it by clicking the envelope at the top right of the discussion.

subscribe and unsubscribe icons

The envelope icon shows user is subscribed to discussion

Reply to forum posts via email

For added convenience, students and staff can now also reply to forum posts by email and even include attachments.

Navigate more easily between threads in a forum

Links taking users to the previous and next thread make it much easier to move between important discussions. 

A video outlining all the Forum changes is available from Moodle.

Quiz enhancements

Improved Quiz edit screen and completion settings

The Edit quiz page has been rewritten for improved accessibility, making it easier to add and manage questions. Users can also set completion conditions based on a passing grade or when all available attempts have been used up.  Moodle have highlighted these enhancements in a video.

Analytics and reporting: event monitoring

Event monitoring allows teachers to receive notification when certain events occur in Moodle 2.8, e.g. to monitor when a certain number of students have responded to a discussion thread. Event monitoring allows teachers, managers and admins to create and subscribe to events. Moodle have made a video demonstrating Event Monitor.


Full list of features new to Moodle 2.8

Up-to-date support and guidance documentation from Moodle Docs.

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