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Free online courses: Preventing Zika and Eliminating Trachoma

Our next free online courses
The School’s next free online courses will be available in July and September 2016.

The first, produced by School staff and arctec, is titled Preventing the Zika Virus: Understanding and Controlling the Aedes Mosquito. The course considers the science behind the current Zika outbreak…

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Accessibility within Moodle

School websites and systems should be accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of specific needs or disabilities. This post provides information regarding the different accessibility and assistive technology features available within Moodle, and an individual’s operating system or web browser.
Moodle Accessibility Block
The Accessibility block appears on…

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Upgrade to Moodle 2.8: New Features

Upgrade to Moodle 2.8
The annual Moodle upgrade to version 2.8 will take place on 30th July 2015. On this day the site will be accessible, albeit in ‘read-only’ mode, meaning that while students and staff will retain full access to most resources during the upgrade, no…

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Upgrade to Moodle 2.6: New Features

Introducing Moodle 2.6
On 31st July we will be upgraded to Moodle 2.6, and, despite being a small, ‘incremental’ upgrade, you’ll notice a few new features and changes to the interface. Information on these changes are outlined below.
User interface

Collated activity and resource editing tools

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53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About by Graham Gibbs #53ideas

53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About
SEDA, or the Staff and Educational Development Association, is the professional body for staff and educational developers in UK higher education. It aims to promote innovation, disseminate best practices, and develop a network of like-minded professionals across the country.

Graham Gibbs…

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Event: Shaking up teaching by flipping classrooms

This Bloomsbury Learning Environment event is due to take place Wednesday 21st May 2014, and focuses on the ‘flipped classroom’.

Key information
What does it mean to “flip a classroom”? What are the drivers that are leading to new ways of delivering teaching and shaping learning? Are academics ready to…

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Cloud-based working – new ‘add-ons’ for Google Drive

Those who are less confident with technology are often puzzled by what ‘the cloud’ actually means, but it’s really quite simple. The cloud is the internet: something we can’t necessarily see in a physical sense, but a series of interconnected networks which are all around us. For a…

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Event overview – Online learning: Developing trends

This lunchtime seminar, presented by Myles Runham, Head of Online at the BBC Academy, demonstrated how and why the BBC utilises social media in its delivery of online learning and educational content, in addition to the benefits of doing so.

Some key points I took away from the seminar are…

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