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Event – Exploring the use of digital technologies to enhance assessment & feedback

This Bloomsbury Learning Environment event is due to take place Wednesday 4th June 2014 and focuses on technology-enhanced assessment and feedback.

Key information
As we approach the end of the academic year, this seminar for the Bloomsbury Colleges presents an ideal opportunity to take a look at how your…

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How to… Add a Twitter feed to your Moodle course

I recently delivered two instances of An Introduction to Twitter for the School’s Lunchtime Bitesize Series, and one of the questions I was asked was around how staff might go about adding a Twitter feed to their Moodle course page. Good question! Adding a Twitter feed, or indeed any…

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Quality, participation, and the ‘openness’ of MOOCs

An overview of some recent writing regarding the design and delivery of MOOCs, enrolment on them, and their position within the open education movement.

‘MOOCs’, or Massive Online Open Courses, have been the educational trend of the past two years. Although media reporting has now died down to some degree…

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Event: Digital Literacy for Learning and Research

The Bloomsbury Learning Environment’s next event is due to take place next week and focuses on the development of digital literacies for learning and research. Full information on the event, including the afternoon’s agenda, can be found here, but basic location and booking information is as follows:


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Event overview: The Future of Audio Feedback (Sheffield, 14/01/14) part two

Continued from part one.

Michelle Blackburn, Claire Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University, and Jo Stroud, LSHTM
Audio Feedback for Different and Defined Learners (resource link)
This session was informed by the HEA research project highlighted in the post’s introduction. The project seeked to evaluate how audio feedback is received by…

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Event overview: The Future of Audio Feedback (Sheffield, 14/01/14) part one

One project I was working on prior to arriving at LSHTM was a Higher Education Academy funded study concerning the provision of audio feedback files for summative assignments. After conducting a literature review we found that the effect of this mode of feedback on diverse students was an understudied area…

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