Blogging and Media


Group member Sophie Hedges maintains a blog

Sophie’s most recent entry ‘Making sense of childhood work and education‘ has been shortlisted for the ESRC’s Writing Competition.

Kristin Snopkowski wrote about some of the group’s work in her contribution to the OpenPop blog on ‘Fertility and the extended family: do parents influence a woman’s decision to reproduce?

Some of the group’s work has also been blogged about on the Conversation: ‘What happens to boys when their fathers aren’t around?


Our work in the media

With Gillian Pepper and Lisa McAllister, Rebecca Sear co-authored a piece in the Psychologist on ‘Why demography needs psychologists

Group members have been quoted in these articles on:

Kids from larger families may have fewer kids of their own

Why killer whales (and humans) go through menopause

A conversation with David Lawson about his work on whether polygyny is a harmful cultural practice is published here.

Stulp et al (2015) paper on natural selection on height in the Netherlands received quite some attention: e.g., New York times, Science, the Guardian, IFLS, Richard Dawkins

The Generations and Gender Programme June 2014 newsletter includes the abstract of Schaffnit & Sear (2014)