Upcoming events

Evolutionary Demography Seminars

The Evolutionary Demography Seminars are (usually) held monthly on Monday evenings (from 17.30 onwards); email Laura Streeter (laura.streeter[AT] lshtm.ac.uk) to be added to the mailing list.

EDG seminars are currently having their summer break; more info will be posted on the next academic year’s seminars in the autumn.

Session on ‘Critical and theoretical perspectives in demography’ at BSPS Annual Conference

With Wendy Sigle (LSE), Rebecca Sear is co-organising a session at the 2017 British Society for Population Studies annual conference on ‘Critical and theoretical perspectives in demography’. This session aims to explore the (potential) contribution of theoretical paradigms and frameworks in demographic research – demography is often described as a discipline without a theory; conversely it can be seen as a theory-rich discipline, since the lack of any overarching theory of its own means it has had to seek out theories from many other disciplines to inform its activity.  We welcome papers which consider the utility of new theoretical perspectives as well as papers which offer a critical assessment of how particular theoretical perspectives have shaped the status of the discipline and its contributions to knowledge.

The BSPS conference will be held in Liverpool, 6-8 September 2017.

More information on the conference is available on the BSPS website.