GVHC projects on Humanitarian crises and conflict settings

Project title Description Main contact person Status
What is an effective model of care for survivors of gender based violence in a refugee camp?


Realist-informed evaluation of a GBV comprehensive care model using task shifting with refugee community workers


Mazeda Hossain Ongoing
Gender norms and economic empowerment intervention to reduce intimate partner violence against women in rural Côte d’Ivoire: a randomized controlled pilot study.


RCT evaluation of Village Savings & Loan intervention + gender dialogue group


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Men & Women in Partnership: a cluster randomised trial of an intervention to prevent violence against women in rural Côte d’Ivoire, a conflict-affected setting


RCT evaluation of a men’s group intervention to prevent VAWG in a conflict-affected setting


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Evaluation of UNHCR’s protection strategies


Evaluation of the UNHCR Protection Strategies for refugees: Child protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Education


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Evaluation guidance development for violence prevention programming in conflict settings


Guidance for violence prevention programming in conflict settings (Sub-analysis of Cote d’Ivoire research, systematic review, secondary data analysis)


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Systematic evidence review of research for health in humanitarian crises (GBV and SRH)


Global evidence review on health intervention evidence for the humanitarian sectors – focus on SRH and GBV. (Systematic review/secondary data analysis)


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Gender Based Violence Research Methodologies in Humanitarian Settings: Evidence Review and Recommendation


Research guidance for GBV researchers in humanitarian settings – methodological and ethical guidance


Mazeda Hossain Completed
Evaluation of “Education is a Conversation” Cluster RCT of a violence prevention and reproductive and sexual health intervention in conflict-affected Northern Uganda – study dropped after formative and protocol Mazeda Hossain Completed
Mathematical modelling of the risk of sexual violence and HIV in conflict settings


Mathematical model describing the probability of HIV acquisition was adapted to include the potential effect of genital injury and used to estimate the relative risk of HIV acquisition in ‘conflict’ versus ‘non-conflict’ situations. An analytical equation was developed to estimate the impact of SV on HIV incidence. Charlotte Watts Completed

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