GVHC projects on Migration, human trafficking and labour exploitation

Project title Description Main contact person Status
SWIFT Evaluation of the Work in Freedom Programme in Nepal, India and Bangladesh Cathy Zimmerman Ongoing
Human trafficking – exploring global patterns, determinants & comparisons with regional drivers Analysis of the IOM victim of trafficking assistance data Heidi Stoeckl Ongoing
Stolen Smiles


The health risks and consequences of women trafficked for forced sex work in the EU


Cathy Zimmerman Completed
Protecting invisible women in the European asylum system: Violence, health and female asylum seekers


Prevalence study of violence, health outcomes among female asylum seekers in the EU


Mazeda Hossain Completed


Multi-country study on labour exploitation, trafficking and health in Peru, Argentina and Kazakhstan , completed


Cathy Zimmerman Completed
Clinical guidance for sexual and reproductive health services for trafficked women in Ukraine


Clinical SRH care for trafficked women in Ukraine (review, qualitative interviews)


Cathy Zimmerman Completed
STEAM (Study on Trafficking, Exploitation and Abuse in the Mekong sub-region)


first quantitative study on human trafficking and health in the Mekong


Cathy Zimmerman Completed

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