GVHC projects on VAC

Project title Description Main contact person Ongoing/Complete?
Contexts of Violence in Adolescence Cohort Study (CoVAC) CoVAC is a new 5 year longitudinal study examining how experience of violence in adolescence can lead to increased risk of intimate partner violence, poor mental health, and other poor health outcomes in early adulthood. (Uganda) Karen Devries Ongoing
Utoto Salaama/Peaceful Childhood Formative research to understand and prevent sexual and other forms of violence against children in Zanzibar Shelley Lees Ongoing
Learning Initative on Norms Exploitation and Abuse (LINEA) LINEA is an international, multi-pronged project testing how social norm theory can be used to reduce the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (SECA) in regions across the world. Ana Maria Buller Ongoing
Pilot Trial of Good School Toolkit for secondary schools Pilot RCT of a complex VAC prevention intervention in secondary schools (Uganda) Karen Devries Ongoing
Health outcomes of child domestic workers Cathy Zimmerman Ongoing
Expanding and building upon DREAMS evaluation –Evaluating the effect of MTV Shuga on sexual health and HIV prevention in adolescents and young adults in South Africa Isolde Birdthistle, Sian Floyd Ongoing
Improving measures of the gender dimensions of young women’s risk of HIV through transactional sex in Uganda Nambusi Kyegombe Ongoing
Good Schools Study Evaluation of the Good Schools Toolkit to reduce violence against children in primary schools (Uganda) (CRT, qualitative study, process evaluation, economic evaluation) Karen Devries Completed
Adaptation of Good Schools Toolkit to secondary schools Research to inform the adaptation of the Good Schools toolkit to prevent violence against children in secondary schools in Uganda Karen Devries Completed
Know Violence in Childhood Initiative


Evidence reviews Charlotte Watts Completed
Project Samata (Equality)


to support adolescent girls from marginalised communities to enter and remain in secondary school until completion (aged 16), and thereby delay their age at marriage and potential entry into sex work , India


Tara Beattie Completed
Access to community based child protection mechanisms for children with disabilities (Uganda and Malawi)


The project assesses the extent to which children with disabilities are included in community-based child protection mechanisms, and identifies barriers/enablers to inclusion. Karen Devries Completed
Formative research on exploitative aspects of transactional sex in Uganda and Tanzania


Qualitative research on exploitative aspects of transactional sex in Uganda and Tanzania Ana Maria Buller Completed
Child homicide Systematic review of perpetrators of child homicide globally – part of the KNOW violence initiative Heidi Stoeckl Completed

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