Established to tackle violence against women and girls, GVHC was instrumental in bringing the problem of violence against women to global attention. While this is still a core focus of our work, our scope has expanded to include a growing number of projects on violence against children and adolescents. GVHC members also conducted one of the first surveys to estimate prevalence of intimate partner violence against men in same-sex relationships, and have led major studies into human trafficking and labour exploitation.

At the core of all of our work is an understanding of the importance of social norms and power imbalances in perpetuating and creating vulnerabilities to violence. Our action-oriented research aims to equip policy makers, practitioners and activists with the evidence they need to create lasting social change.

Our research explores violence from a range of angles:

  • The prevalence of different forms of violence in diverse settings and populations
  • The causes of violence, from individual-level risk and protective factors to structural risk factors such as social norms and unequal power relationships between women and men.
  • The consequences of violence, ranging from adverse physical and mental health outcomes, to intergenerational cycles of violence and economic costs to society
  • What works to prevent violence, and pathways through which intervention effects are achieved
  • Health systems responses to violence

While different types of violence have distinct manifestations and consequences, and necessitate different strategies to combat them, we also recognise the intersections between them – where for example they co-occur within individuals or households, or share common causes. There is growing interest within GVHC to share insights from across the spectrum of violence research and identify opportunities for combined approaches to prevention and response.

We work in collaboration with partners all over the world, and have projects in X countries. Members of GVHC have also led pioneering research into violence against women in countries affected by conflict and humanitarian crises, and among mobile populations.

You can browse all of our projects here, or find out more about our research and projects by type of violence:

  • Violence against women
  • Violence against children and adolescents
  • Intimate partner violence against men
  • Human trafficking and labour exploitation
  • Humanitarian crises and conflict settings

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