6 – 12 May 2017

Jimmy Whitworth is interviewed by ITV News at 10 following the Brazilian government declaring the end of Zika as an emergency: “We remain in many parts of the world rather vulnerable to outbreaks of this sort because the health systems are simply so weak.”

Jimmy also talks to CNN about a study that shows young people with HIV may now have near normal life expectancy: “Overall, the results of the study are very good news […] but I think it’s important to recognize the global aspect here. Africa has the heaviest burden of the disease where this is a challenge of early diagnosis and treatment.” The article generates coverage in over 50 regional US outlets.

Sally Bloomfield provides comment to the New York Times Well blog on the impact hand sanitizers have on disease transmission: “[For example] London airport bathrooms are usually fine because they are well designed to make sure we wash our hands properly — and dry them properly.”

Stephen Evans comments for BBC News on research that suggests commonly prescribed painkillers increase the likelihood of heart attacks if consumed in high doses: “The two main issues here are that the risks are relatively small, and for most people who are not at high risk of a heart attack, these findings have minimal implications.” Stephen’s comments also appear in The Guardian, and via CNN to over 75 regional US outlets.

Andrew Bastawrous is interviewed by BBC Radio 4 In Touch discussing Peek, an enterprise to support healthcare providers to screen people for eye disease: “For example in schools, rather than sending an optician to the school, we send the app to a teacher who can do an accurate vision screen and refer a child.”

David Heymann is quoted by Nature on the support available to the Democratic Republic of Congo following the current outbreak of Ebola in the country.  

Reuters Video report on the results of the WOMAN Trial. The video generates coverage in The Straits Times, Singapore.

Aspen Public Radio interview Ngozi Erondu on improving global public health systems. “I think public health is essential to everyone and we all depend on it, even in wealthy countries, we just don’t notice it because it’s working well.”

El País (Spain) report from the Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience & Adaptation, citing Paul Wilkinson on the need to go beyond simply measuring exposure but quantifying the real impact.

Flemish magazine Humo have named Peter Piot as the world’s most influential Belgian as reported by De Redactie.

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