24 – 30 July 2017

Peter Piot is quoted in a CNN article examining the potential impact of proposed US budget cuts on HIV/AIDS. On South Africa, Peter says: “The country has taken the epidemic response into its own hands…it now hosts the largest treatment program in the world financed for the most part from domestic resources.” The piece is run by over 60 regional US outlets.

Helena Helmby is quoted by Popular Science in a report on how scientists are trying to treat autoimmune disease with intestinal worms: “They are pathogens, I think people need to be realistic about that. We would be much better off not using live infection, but actually harnessing the product these parasites produce and then using them for anti-inflammatory treatments.”

Alan Dangour provides comment for a Financial Times (£) piece asking how we solve the obesity epidemic. Alan says that people in obese western countries may soon start ‘dying younger than earlier generations’.

FeedStuffs cover research led by Polly Roy, which found that a new vaccine design shows promise in protecting against African Horse Sickness Virus. Polly explains: “Our unique and cost-effective vaccine design could act as an example for the development of next generation of vaccines against other vector-borne diseases that undermine the horse industry.” The Horse and HorseTalk also feature the study.

The Independent cover Martin McKee’s BMJ Editorial examining the potential impact leaving Euratom will have on the UK’s access to vital medical treatments: “Although it may be possible for the UK to remain within existing arrangements, it will be exceptionally complicated and the UK’s position will inevitably be weakened.”

Daily Express feature the launch of a new School study, which will test whether some people’s genetics mean they naturally produce an attractive or repellent chemical to the insects.

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