2 – 8 October 2017

A study led by Ajay Aggarwal that finds surgical cancer units invest heavily in unproven technologies to attract patients was reported by the Daily Mail and The Times (£). Quoted by the Daily Mail, Ajay said: “We have to accept there is a market within the NHS. People are choosing and providers are providing. But they are not given the evidence that what they are choosing is any better.”

Val Curtis is interviewed live on BBC World TV’s Talking Business on the hygiene of banknotes, coins and cards: “Don’t be worried about these [banknotes], be very worried about people who don’t wash their hands after they’ve been to the toilet…but banknotes aren’t going to make you sick.”

Val also speaks to Ireland’s NewsTalk Radio on the human evolution on the emotion of disgust and feelings of revulsion.

Andrew Bastawrous provides comment to SciDev.net on a new study that shows sub-Saharan African and South Asia have the highest percentage of blind older people worldwide: “Governments need to prioritise good vision for all the population, help develop novel treatments, and boost research to understand the barriers and solutions in a wide variety of systems.”

Peter Piot is quoted by Drug Delivery Business News and Pharmacy Choice on a $45m funding award to Janssen Pharmaceutical, support the development of an Ebola vaccine: “These ongoing outbreaks demonstrate the importance of disease surveillance and management, the value of strong health systems, and the need to finish the job of developing safe and effective vaccines.”

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