22 – 28 January 2018

New research co-authored by LSHTM finds that a sugar tax levied on soft drinks could have the unintended consequence of increasing consumption of alcohol.  Richard Smith said: “Taxing soft drinks may affect alcohol consumption because increasing the price of one type of product may also affect purchases of other more or less similar products as the relative prices change.” The research is reported in The Times, Daily Mail, The Independent, Metro, iNews; and in Indian outlets The Asian Age, Business Standard and Deccan Chronicle. An article from Press Association generated coverage in over 200 UK regional outlets. The findings from the study were also featured on news bulletins including LBC and ABC News radio.

Attending the World Economic Forum, Peter Piot discusses how 100 years after the Spanish Flu outbreak, new global pandemics are feared. Peter says: “Developing a new vaccine costs up to $200 million.

Ngozi Erondu appears on TRT World, discussing the diphtheria outbreak currently affecting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and how to tackle outbreaks of infectious diseases in developing countries. The panel discussion also explored how to strengthen health systems in developing countries and the importance of ensuring populations are vaccinated against preventable diseases.

Taane Clark writes a blog, which features on Thomson Reuters Foundation, about how new TB mutations could transform tests for drug resistance.

Joy Lawn is quoted by Elsevier, talking about how the LSHTM-led work, ‘Ending Preventable Stillbirths’- published in The Lancet, is helping tackle preventable stillbirths. Joy said: “Any stillbirth, anywhere, is a tragedy, and with The Lancet, we will continue our mission to improve data evidence and accountability for action.”

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