7 – 13 May 2018

Peter Piot provides comment to Scientific American on why Ebola continues to re-emerge in DR Congo following the outbreak of the disease in the country: “Due to its huge swathes of forest, the DRC is a reservoir for the virus, making the country particularly susceptible to outbreaks of Ebola.”

Jimmy Whitworth was interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme (from 36mins) providing insight into the DRC Ebola outbreak. Jimmy is also quoted by Thomson Reuters.

LSHTM research is featured in an online documentary by BBC Newsbeat on ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that explored what it is like to live with the illness. The documentary includes interviews with Luis Nacul and Caroline Kingdon from LSHTM’s CureME project.

Following the documentary, Eliana Lacerda was interviewed by BBC Breakfast and Luis Nacul was interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive programme. The work of the project is also highlighted in an article published by The Sun.

Graham Medley provides comment to SciDev.net on the discovery of a new strain of the leishmaniasis parasite: “We do not have a good animal model for visceral leishmaniasis, so it’s always going to be unclear how the genetic and metabolic differences translate into pathogenicity, drug susceptibility and other key processes determining transmission and disease.”

Lucinda Hiam is quoted by the Daily Telegraph on an editorial she co-authors that health chiefs are failing to investigate the 10,000 reported ‘excess deaths’ in the first few weeks of 2018. Lucinda said: “The figures for this year make the case for an investigation both stronger and more urgent with each passing day.”

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