29 November – 05 December 2018

Cathy Zimmerman speaks to The Guardian about a new UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health. Cathy was senior author on the report, which was developed over two years and led by 20 leading experts from 12 countries. Cathy said: ““Governments around the world are well aware that their economies depend on migrant workers, both for low-wage work in destination countries and for remittances in sending countries. Yet, states have done disappointingly little to assure the health and safety of migrant workers, or to stop the exploitation and human trafficking of millions of hard-working women and men who toil invisibly in every corner of the globe.”

Heidi Larson is interviewed by National Public Radio about increases in cases of measles after WHO publish a report showing significant rises in cases. On vaccination uptake and confidence, Heidi said: “Frankly measles is a really fascinating window on what’s going on both historically and currently. Outbreaks of measles are one of the first signs that vaccination programmes are not working. It’s very much about emotions, trust and distrust and a polarised society.” (online link unavailable).

On social media

This week’s social media highlight comes from the LSHTM Twitter page sharing news of the UK’s first-ever dedicated Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. LSHTM is a partner in the new Centre.

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