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25 – 31 October

Ebola media coverage:

Peter Piot visits Hong Kong and Tokyo, where he discusses the risk of Ebola cases in Asia. In a Science Magazine interview he says: “There are thousands of Chinese workers in Africa now. It is not impossible that one of them will [become infected with Ebola and…

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18 – 24 October

Anna Goodman appears on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio Scotland (at 15:10) discussing her research into the link between Daylight Saving Time and children’s activity levels: “Introducing additional daylight savings measures would affect each and every child in the country, every day of the year, giving it a…

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11 – 17 October 2014

Ebola coverage:

Peter Piot and David Heymann on BBC Newsnight (at 11:40) Peter Piot also cited in the Economist, Washington Post,  Wall Street Journal, CNN , The Guardian, The Times of India,the Buenos Aires Herald, and Vice News, among others, and quoted in The Lancet, The Guardian…

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4 – 10 October

The School’s experts are mentioned in almost 1,500 pieces of Ebola media coverage this week:

John Edmunds is quoted by Bloomberg on proposals for randomised control trials for Ebola vaccines: “Everybody would prefer a randomized controlled trial from a scientific point of view. But there are enormous ethical…

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27 September – 3 October

John Edmunds speaks to Channel 4 News on the potential numbers of Ebola cases: “If you to envisage it, it’s too horrible to think about. This is a disease where the case fatality rate is something like 70%. Thousands, tens of thousands of cases or even more. A case…

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20 – 26 September

Peter Piot, David Heymann  and Chris Whitty speak at an Ebola press conference organised by the Science Media Centre. Peter Piot is quoted by Bloomberg and the Associated Press on the need for a vaccine: “It may be that without a vaccine, we may not be able to stop this…

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13 – 19 September

Philip James’s study which argues that sugars in the diet should make up no more than 3% of total energy intake to reduce tooth decay is covered by BBC News online, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Women’s Health and Time Magazine. He is quoted in The Telegraph…

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6 – 12 September

Peter Piot talks to BBC’s Horizon programme (at 11m) on his early work into the source of the original Ebola outbreak in Zaire in 1976: “What we found was that this was a hospital with no doctor. The nuns and local nurses were running it, frankly in a heroic…

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30 Aug – 5 Sept

Simon Brooker joins an expert panel for BBC World Service In the Balance to discuss raising funds for neglected tropical diseases, in light of the attention now being given to the Ebola virus: “Many NTDs take a long time to develop to get to that severe stage. These diseases occur…

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23 – 29 August

David Mabey talks to Channel 4 News about ZMapp as a possible treatment for Ebola (from 2 mins 15 secs): “ZMapp was given to the two American Missionaries who have now recovered. Whether that was the reason they recovered we’re not sure because the only previous case of Ebola…

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