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24 – 30 September 2016

A study co-led by the School found that one in five bowel cancer patients diagnosed in an emergency had ‘red flag’ symptoms that could have been picked up earlier. The story was covered widely including by The Daily Telegraph BBC News, The Guardian Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post and…

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17 – 23 September 2016

Anne Mills is interviewed by Sky News (top video, 00m59s) following Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge of $3bn to cure, prevent or manage all disease. She said: “I think it’s an excellent idea that there may be some sort of whole systems approaches. I think medical science is…

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10 – 16 September 2016

The Washington Post cover research co-authored by Laura Rodrigues that confirms a link between the Zika virus and the birth defect microcephaly. She said: “The early findings from this case control study are the missing pieces in the jigsaw in terms of proving the link.” There is widespread coverage…

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3 – 9 September 2016

Following a WHO Emergency Committee Zika meeting, chair of the panel David Heymann announces that the virus still constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern: “Though we know much more about Zika after the first seven months, there’s still an urgent need to continue sustained and global research…

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27 August – 2 September 2016

Oliver Brady is interviewed live by BBC Radio 4 Today (from 02h42m08s) about his new modelling study looking at countries at greatest risk of Zika: “Similar viruses such as dengue have spread, not just through the Americas but throughout Asia and now increasingly Africa and we see Zika going on…

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20 – 26 August 2016

James Logan is interviewed by The Daily Telegraph for a feature on mosquitoes, why we get bitten, and the best methods to protect from bites. “We’ve tested [eating] garlic, [taking] vitamin B and [eating] Marmite and none of them worked. People also talk about alcohol but the only evidence…

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13 – 19 August 2016

Kaye Wellings and Adam Kucharski appear on this week’s BBC Radio 4’s More or Less.  Kaye discusses teenage pregnancy and the portrayal of young women in the media: “U18 births fell faster in England than they had in other European countries. They fell most in the areas where…

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6 – 12 August 2016

Laura Rodrigues and Jimmy Whitworth speak to The Guardian about a study that links the Zika virus to arthrogryposis, a severe joint problem. The research also suggests that the virus can be linked to a range of problems that may not yet be apparent. 

Laura Rodrigues: “I think this is…

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30 July – 5 August 2016

Coverage on sexual problems among young people:

School research which has revealed that one in ten young men and one in eight young women in Britain who are sexually active have experienced a distressing sexual problem is covered by The Independent. The study was led by Kirstin Mitchell, who is…

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23 – 29 July 2016

Zika in the news:

Jimmy Whitworth comments on a study that found up to 1.65 million pregnant women could catch Zika. Jimmy Whitworth said: “Over 1,700 affected babies have been born in Brazil so far, and the numbers are going to continue to increase in the months ahead…

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