29 August-4 September 2019

Stephen Evans provides expert comment for the BBC on a Lancet study suggesting an increased breast cancer risk for women using MHT. Stephen said: “This is a ‘tour de force’ in what has been done and the way it has been done – the findings cannot be dismissed.”

Stephen’s views…

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22-28 August 2019

Peter Piot speaks to the Financial Times (£) in response to the debate over Ebola vaccination strategies in the DRC. Peter said: “Because there is a limited supply, we have to make sure that every vaccine is used in the best possible way.”

Peter has also been quoted in the Daily…

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15-21 August 2019

Heidi Larson speaks to the Guardian about the importance of restoring vaccine confidence, as Public Health England warns that 1 in 7 five-year-olds may not be up to date with their MMR immunisation and the Prime Minister pledges to combat misinformation spread online. Heidi said: “With more than…

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9 – 14 August 2019

Peter Piot speaks to the Financial Times (£) about the results of a new study which found that treating Ebola patients early with two drugs resulted in a 90% survival rate. Peter said: “This is great news for all Ebola patients and will hopefully increase community confidence in the Ebola treatment…

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25 July – 8 August 2019

Media coverage on Ebola outbreak and vaccine

LSHTM and partners have begun a two-year trial among healthcare and frontline workers in Uganda to assess the immune response generated by an investigational Ebola vaccine. The news was covered by over 400 media outlets including Associated Press, Reuters, Voice of America…

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18 – 24 July 2019

Peter Piot issues a statement in response to the Ebola outbreak in DRC being declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). Peter said: “The response to the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is at a critical juncture. With more than 2,500…

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11 – 17 July 2019

Peter Piot is interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (1hm 37m) about the outbreak of Ebola in the DRC, and the news that a new case was diagnosed this week in Goma. Peter said: “It was due to happen and it will happen again and that is why…

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4 – 10 July 2019

Beate Kampmann provides expert comment on news that the NHS will expand the HPV vaccination programme to include all boys in school year 8 from September. Beate said: “This decision is a triumph for gender equality in cancer prevention. It’s pleasing to see the UK follow the example of…

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27 June – 3 July 2019

Peter Piot speaks to the Financial Times (£) about the Ebola outbreak in DRC and the potential deployment of a new experimental vaccine. Peter said: “This epidemic is extraordinarily difficult to control and we need to use every tool we have.”

Dan Bausch speaks to Science about how the Merck vaccine…

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20 – 26 June 2019

Continued: vaccines in the news

Emilie Karafillakis speaks to BBC World Service’s The Real Story (around 18m 25s in) about the reasons why France was found to be the highest country in Europe to mistrust vaccines in the recently published Wellcome Global Monitor report. Emilie said: “If you look…

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