Kritikos Study Group

(formerly Qualitative Analysis group)

Dates and venues

Guidelines for chairing

Please contact Joanna Reynolds to join the group, or if you have any questions.


  • To provide a regular, supportive space in which PhD students and researchers can present, discuss and explore their qualitative research.
  • To help the development of colleagues’ work and connections between social scientists at the School.

Format of the group:

  • Fortnightly sessions (normally Wednesday lunchtimes) with an expectation that members will attend most sessions.
  • One member will present an aspect of their work to be discussed at each session. They will circulate material at least five days before the session for the others to read in preparation.
  • Material to be discussed can be:
    • a piece of writing from their work (draft paper, chapter, section of a chapter, section of a report etc);
    • data or field notes for analysis (ideally, some preliminary analysis / interpretation should have been done already);
    • or a theoretically-driven article or book chapter to be read, that links to a specific ‘problem’ or concept in their work.
  • Members will also take it in turns to chair a session, facilitating the discussion and summarising it at the end of the session.
  • Members should expect to attend and contribute to at least several sessions before presenting their own work, and should be prepared to continue attending sessions after presenting their work.
  • Members should remember to maintain the confidentiality of any work shared among the group.

Designed for:

  • PhD students and researchers conducting qualitative research that is rooted in a social science discipline, and is theoretically-informed. Some prior engagement with social science theories is assumed.
  • People who are keen and able to attend sessions regularly, and to contribute to the development of others’ work, as well as their own.
  • People who have the time to commit to attending most sessions, and to reading the necessary materials in advance of each session.

Not suitable for:

  • Students or researchers with no background in qualitative research or social science theories.
  • People conducting mixed methods research where the qualitative research is only a small component of the overall study, and / or is not theoretically informed.
  • People without the time to attend most sessions, or to prepare in advance for sessions