An interactive map of research projects conducted by members

Global projects

Rose Wilson A systematic literature review commissioned by WHO for the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Strategies to Address Vaccine Hesitancy. Vaccine Confidence Project (headed by Heidi Larson).  Evaluation/secondary research

Cicely Marston Working with WHO on how to incorporate qualitative research into guidelines-friendly reports, as well as advising on interpretation of the more traditional epidemiological studies.

Rebecca Sear Family Matters: intergenerational influences on fertility. A global, comparative study based on quantitative analysis of secondary data (including papers published using data from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, multi-country Europe study, UK).

Clare Chandler, Joanna Reynolds, Deborah DiLiberto A multi-project methodological reflection on the process of implementing complex intervention evaluations in transnational research. Multiple projects across the ACT Consortium (Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa) are taken as case studies  to identify lessons learned in implementation of such complex evaluation activities, uncovering and foregrounding the every-day realities of Trials in Action.