News and Events

Below is a list of news and events from within and beyond the School that may be of interest:

Theorising Personal Medical Devices workshop – details of a call for papers, or contact Simon Cohn directly

Here is a  report for the workshop Diagnostics, Disease & Development, hosted at the University of Edinburgh in January 2014.

A call for papers for an event in Portugal: Plunging into Turmoil – on the relation between the social sciences and the current economic crisis

Research Fellow, INTERVAL blood donation project –  seeking a social scientist to take a lead role in the design, implementation and analysis of a qualitative work-stream embedded in a trial conducted with blood donors.

Lancet Offline: The case against global health This provocative discussion piece by Richard Horton explores whether global health investments benefit countries of the Global North more than those of the Global South.

Melissa Parker, an anthropologist at the School, has just co-edited a special issue of Medical Anthropology on The Politics and Antipolitics of Infectious Disease Control. See Somatosphere for a commentary.

March 2014 saw the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine hold its first symposium on social science, entitled Social Science Shaping Heath, to coincide with a report which showcases some of the varied work under a broad social science umbrella from across the School.