Social Theory Book Club

The Social Theory Book Club at LSHTM is open to all staff and research degree students as a space for critical reflection through engagement with bodies of social theory in the medium of key written works. We meet quarterly to discuss our readings of texts proposed by members of the group, reflecting on how our own thinking and research is challenged and can be strengthened by engaging with these works. We usually retire to a local pub to continue our discussions.

The next book for May 21st 2015 will be Partial Connections by Marilyn Strathern  – described as “perhaps her most theoretically exhilarating and accessible work to date”

Previous books:


Isabelle Stengers’ Cosmopolitics, Volume I
Annemarie Mol, The Body Multiple
Juergen Habermas, Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
bell hooks, Feminist theory: from margin to center
Bruno Latour, Reassembling the Social
Marilyn Strathern, Partial Connections
Niklas Luhmann Introduction to Systems Theory



Upcoming books:

Lisa Blackman (2012) Immaterial Bodies
Rayna Rapp (2000) Testing Women, Testing the Foetus