Shellshock/Bash vulnerability

You may have seen recent stories in the media regarding the Shellshock vulnerability which affects a wide variety of systems connected to the Internet including the OS X operating system.

Apple has released a patch to protect users which at the moment won’t be automatically pushed to your Mac but needs to be downloaded for the latest versions of OS X Mavericks (10.9.x), Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and Lion (10.7.x).

If you are running an older version of OS X you will need to upgrade to one of the versions listed above before you can apply this patch.

Further information on the Shellshock vulnerability can be found here:

Using the School Address book in Thunderbird

In the last blog post we talked about making use of the School email address book in Mac Mail it’s also possible to lookup email addresses in other mail clients and in this post we’ll look at setting this up in Mozilla Thunderbird.

First run Thunderbird and from the Tools menu select Account Settings as shown below:

Select Composition & Addressing and then Edit Directories on the lower right of the window. When prompted enter the settings shown in the window below:

As you exit ensure that the ‘LSHTM Directory’ is set as your default LDAP server as shown below:

You should now be able to lookup email addresses using the Thunderbird address book and as you type in the ‘to’ field Thunderbird should attempt to complete the email address.

Using the School Address book in Mac Mail

If you’re not using the GroupWise client for Mac you’ll need to setup your mail client to talk to the Schools LDAP servers if you want to be able to lookup the email addresses of staff and students at the School.

To setup the School Address Book for Mac Mail complete the following steps:

Run the Address Book application and open Preferences from the menu, then select the Accounts button and click the + symbol, as shown below: Then add an LDAP account for the server as shown below:

You then need to set a name for the directory and set the start point for the search, as described below:
You should now be able to lookup email addresses using the Mac Mail address book and as you type in the ‘to’ field Mac Mail should attempt to complete the email address.
We’ll look at setting up LDAP lookups for Thunderbird in one of the next posts.

LSHTM Mac user blog

Hopefully this blog will see a number of contributors posting on subjects that will be of interest to Mac users at the School. We’ll kick off with a number of posts looking at mail clients and how best to integrate them within the Schools existing services.

There will also be an opportunity to see a number of different mail clients in use at a drop in session for Mac users this Tuesday 29th Novemeber between 12:30-14:00 at the Bennett Room in the Keppel Street building.