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Mosquito Day 2014: actor Gary Merry

Binkie goes to war as Mosquito Day celebrates ‘lab girls’

By Rebecca Tremain: You might have thought you were seeing double at this year’s Annual Mosquito Day celebrations.  Alongside the traditional Binkie mascot, there was a real live dog to help the event go with a swing (or a wag of the tail). Read more

Gates Round table

Bill Gates visits our malaria vector control trials site in Tanzania

Bill Gates visits our malaria vector control trials site in Tanzania By Professor Mark RowlandBill Gates made a special visit on 25 July to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s malaria vector research programme in Moshi, northern Tanzania. Read more

New veterinary vaccinology network to help tackle animal diseases which may spread to humans

Ducks in Cambodia, courtesy Richard CokerSchool researchers have joined a new BBSRC-funded multidisciplinary network of veterinary vaccinology experts to help in the fight against animal diseases, some of which have the potential to spread to humans.
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Cigarettes in ashtray. Credit:

Study identifies EU policy shift on tobacco control after massive industry lobbying

A new study has tracked how the dominance of language that first appeared in tobacco industry’s submissions gradually crept into the final drafts of the European tobacco directive passed by the European parliament earlier this year. Using a word coding technique, researchers tracked how the European Commission’s drafts…

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TB patient in Mumbai. Credit: WHO/Rochkind

How to hinder tuberculosis control: five easy steps

Tuberculosis (TB) control remains an important global issue, with 8.6 million TB cases reported by the World Health Organization in 2012 and 1.3 million deaths from the disease. Over 95% of tuberculosis deaths occur in low-and-middle-income countries.

Writing in an article for The Lancet, the…

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Dessie Referral Hospital in Afar region Ethiopia. CREDIT Michael Tsegaye Save the Children

Immunisations and skilled birth attendance are key factors in reducing child mortality

Early immunisations and skilled birth attendance are key factors in explaining why some low-and-middle-income countries are reducing child mortality faster than others, according to a new series of studies published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

Reducing maternal and child mortality is a priority in…

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Maternity ward in Tanzania

Health workers in Tanzania face hurdles in performing effective maternal death reviews

The system of Maternal and Perinatal Death Review in Tanzania focuses too much on reporting mechanisms, and undermines opportunities to improve quality of care at hospital level, according to new research published in Tropical Medicine & International Health. Researchers found evidence suggesting a dysfunction in the established system, with poor…

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Electronic cigarette Credit: Lindsay Fox

Electronic cigarettes and history

Electronic cigarettes are currently at the centre of an intense regulatory debate, generating significant interest from the media and the public. The discussion centres on whether e-cigarettes encourage smoking, and whether they should be banned, regulated as consumer products or tobacco products, as medicines, or a combination of different…

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Martin McKee awarded Alwyn Smith Prize

Martin McKee Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health, has been awarded the prestigious Alwyn Smith Prize from the Faculty of Public Health for his outstanding contribution to public health in the UK and globally over the past 30 years. Read more