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Celebrating women in science

The School is proud of its diversity and has recently pledged its commitment to women in science by signing up to the Athena SWAN Charter. Professor Charlotte Watts helped raise the profile of women in science by standing on a soap box in central London, taking science to the streets and showing why science is not just a job for the boys.  Read more

Vitamin C link to cataracts in Indians

An international collaborative study funded by the Wellcome Trust and led by researchers from the School has found that low levels of vitamin C in the blood are associated with age-related cataract in older Indians. Read more

Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health

The School’s Professor of International Mental Health Vikram Patel shared his views on what the world’s research priorities in mental health should be. Read more

Potential of simple injection on patients with head injury

New research has suggested that tranexamic acid has the potential to prevent people dying from head injuries. The CRASH-2 Intracranial Bleeding Study highlights the potential of the cheap, off-patent drug to help people suffering from brain trauma and is published online by the BMJ. Read more