Views from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

A Royal visit from Japan

The School was delighted to welcome His Imperial Highness Prince Hitachi, a member of the Japanese Imperial House and younger brother of Emperor Akihito.

From left to right: Dr Bernard Rachet, Prof Michel Coleman, HIH Prince Hitachi, Prof Sharon Huttly and Masakazu Mizuno (Exective Administrator, Japanese Art Association).

Welcomed by Professor Michel Coleman and Professor Sharon Huttly, the Royal party attended a short presentation about the School’s work in cancer survival. This was followed by a general introduction and more specifically some details of the School’s collaborations with Japan. Two Japanese students based at the LSHTM (Ms Kazuyo Machiyama and Ms Junko Kiriya) took part in the welcome and kindly helped with running the meeting.

Prince Hitachi, accompanied by representatives from the Japan Art Foundation and the Japanese Embassy shared some refreshments with the welcome party and received gifts to take back to Japan as a reminder of his visit.

The Prince, who has a background in cancer research, discussed with Professor Coleman a range of different themes related to the disease, such as the effects of the recent radiation concerns following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and also his own research in the field.

In the past, Prince Hitachi contributed to cancer research working at the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research; his work in the field has been recognised with honorary doctorates from American Universities and membership of illustrious associations worldwide.

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