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Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Logo for Athena SWAN Bronze AwardThe London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has received a Bronze Award from Athena SWAN.  

The Athena SWAN Charter awards, which have been running since 2006, recognise the commitment of institutions and science, engineering and technology departments to addressing gender inequalities, to tackling the unequal representation of women in science and to improving career progression for female academics.

The majority of academic staff is female up to and including at lecturer grade. More than 30% of professors are female. Promotions to Professorship are gender neutral, and the School carefully monitors the process of professorial appointments from outside.

The School is proud of its predominately female top management. There are currently six female and four male members of the senior leadership team. The Vice Director of the School (a former head of faculty) and one of the three current faculty heads are female.

Teaching duties are allocated fairly and transparently and the teaching load is similar in male and female academic staff. The School has a range of policies such as flexible working, working from home, carer leave, maternity and paternity leave, nursery vouchers, and a wide range of training opportunities to support academics in their careers.

Commitment to equalities is demonstrated in the Equality and Diversity Strategy and policies and schemes. The School regularly provides female speakers at media and high profile events.

Professor Laura Rodrigues, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, said: “The School has has achieved a great deal in terms of gender balance, as part of our committement to equality. Participation in the Athena SWAN process is an excellent way to make our commitment public, and to reflect and improve on gender issues in the future.”

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