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US lags in reducing preventable deaths

Illustration of a cardiogramThe United States lags behind France, Germany, and the United Kingdom in its potentially preventable death rate, according to research published today in Health Affairs. The authors also found the pace of improvement in preventing deaths that could have been avoided with timely and effective health care is worse in the US than the other three countries. Read more

Read all about it – Human Library for World Mosquito Day

"I can read you like a book!" - that's what you might have said if you attended the Human Library, held by the Malaria Centre at the School to celebrate Mosquito Day. Mosquito Day - on 20 August - commemorates the date in 1897 when Sir Ronald Ross made the connection between malaria parasites and the Anopheles mosquito. Read more

Dancing dinner lady at Closing Ceremony

On 12 August 2012 our Equality & Diversity Manager, Hilary Lowe, made history by performing in the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Hilary put aside all thoughts of equality policies, schemes and strategies and instead became a dancing dinner lady for the night - even appearing as a backing dancer for boyband One Direction! Read more

An interview with Tapani Parm

Throughout London 2012, Maria Ramos has been working as a volunteer for Finnish broadcasting company, Yle. Here she speaks to Tapani Parmc, chief director for the international integrated signal for the Athletics at London 2012... During the last few days of the Games the banter in the broadcast van goes on relentlessly. There is a lot of laughter and witty humour over the headphones between the crew in the van and the cameramen in the field of play. Read more

Olympic withdrawal

I watched the closing ceremony from home, was teary eyed and cheered every mention of appreciation for the volunteers. I have a new housemate and I'm certain I kept her awake until the end of the ceremonies. I have to thank London for so many things. London is where I have experienced many firsts, staying away from family, house hunting, job interviews... and the city has given me a chance to take part in London 2012 - something that is truly once in a lifetime. Read more

Celebratory trumpets at the quarter-finals

When applying to be a volunteer at London 2012 you can choose the venues you would like to work at. I chose the Olympic Park and Wembley Stadium. If you are lucky and are assigned a good team leader, you have a better chance of finding some empty seats in the stands once the event has started. Read more

Politicians must make the most of London 2012 success

Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, shares his thoughts on London 2012 so far... Something quite remarkable has happened to me in the past 10 days. Normally I find televised sport barely more exciting than watching paint dry and I share Dr Samuel Johnson's view that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Yet, somehow, I've found myself avidly watching sports events that, if I knew they existed (omnium, keirin?) I certainly didn’t understand the rules. Now I'm even beginning to understand what the judges are looking for in gymnastics, beyond not falling off the apparatus. So what has happened? Read more

Girls day out at the Olympic Park

On Monday 6 August I went with my mum to see the Synchronised Swimming at the Olympic Park Aquatics Centre. Together with rhythmic gymnastics, it is one of the only two Olympic 2012 events for women only – a good excuse for a girls day out! We made a full day of it, arriving at Stratford by 9am, and leaving at 8.30pm. I would have happily stayed longer in fact. Read more

Asian countries excel at table tennis

On Super Saturday (4 August), my husband and I went to the Excel arena to watch the morning Table Tennis Session. This was the second part of the Men’s Team Round One matches. There were 16 countries in the competition battling it out for a place in the quarter-finals. Team GB had already played their match the previous evening and lost against Portugal, so sadly we didn’t get the opportunity to cheer on Team GB. Read more

Super Saturday at the Olympics

Ruth McNerney currently works in the Department of Pathogen Molecular Biology as a senior lecturer. She is also a trustee of TB Alert, the UKs national (and international) TB charity that is working to support TB patients in East London. She was at the Olympic Park for 'Super Saturday'... Read more