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Health Systems Global – building capacity for innovative research

Post submitted by Dr Dina Balabanova, Senior Lecturer in Health Systems/Policy Recent years have seen a lot of debate on the need for strengthening health systems and channelling investment into system-wide interventions and policies. Failure to make sufficient progress on MDGs 4 and 5 has triggered interest and investment in health systems. Read more

Divisions and power: what we should know about the debate over minimum pricing for alcohol

Post submitted by Dr Ben Hawkins, Research Fellow The UK Government today launched a consultation on its plans to introduce a 45p minimum price per unit of alcohol sold in England and Wales. This follows legislation passed in Scotland to introduce minimum pricing, where the proposed price per unit is 50p. It is designed to tackle the high rates of alcohol related harm in the UK, not just as a result of binge drinking, but the long term effects of drinking above the government’s recommended daily limits. Many people exceed these and are unaware of the harms associated with their level of consumption. Read more

Sir John Holmes helps launch the Public Health in Humanitarian Crises Group

By Musa Yousuf, research student Tuesday 20 November saw the official launch of the Public Health in Humanitarian Crises Group - a research group focussed on improving the public health of populations affected by armed conflict or natural disasters. Read more

Healthy Lives prize for text message smoking cessation research

A smoking cessation programme delivered through mobile technology, which has been adopted by the NHS and internationally, has won the Bupa Foundation Healthy Lives Prize. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the University of Auckland developed txt2stop - a personalised support programme delivered by text message - and found it doubled quit rates. Read more

Genetic discoveries highlight long-term work towards a malaria vaccine

Scientists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are helping the quest for a malaria vaccine in the laboratory as well as through clinical trials. Recently published research in PLoS Genetics marks a major step in efforts to identify promising targets of immunity by providing the first comprehensive view of where immune selection appears to be acting in the malaria parasite genome. Read more