Views from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Graduation week celebrations at LSHTM

Family and friends gathered in March to watch the School's Diploma Presentation Ceremony in the Logan Hall at the Institute of Education, where 380 of the 800 MSc graduates from London-based and distance learning courses in 2010 were honoured for their academic achievements. Read more

Regenerating community under New Labour

Andrew Wallace (HSRP) has written a book, Remaking Community? The book examines how New Labour deployed the idea of ‘community’ as a conceptual framework to rearticulate the state, for example through programmes such as the New Deal for Communities, which sought to invigorate and embed socially excluded citizens within localised regeneration projects.  Read more

Call for universal healthcare in India in 2020

Vikram Patel led the call for a truly universal healthcare system in India by 2020, at the UK launch of an important new series on health in India of which he was lead Editor.  Read more