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Godzilla uses OER to plan his invasion of Japan

3 way teachers can benefit from sharing open educational resources

Here are the 3 best reasons for individual teachers to share their materials as Open Educational Resources (OER) that I’ve come across. I’m pretty sure there’s more, if you have one – let me know in the comments. There are also a number arguments against – of course! – but…

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Open Education Matters: Why is it important to share content? Nadia Mireles

What is open education?

Openness in education has had a range of meanings over time
Widening access to education
The splendid Open Education Handbook gives an interesting potted history of open education from a Western perspective, starting with the rise of cathedral schools in the Middle Ages, through the coffee houses of European cities…

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Health promotion in Conakry to combat the Ebola outbreak with information on how to keep families safe and to prevent the spread we distributed soap and chlorine.

LSHTM Ebola MOOC running again

Just a short post to share that if you missed the first – incredibly popular – LSHTM MOOC “Ebola in Context: Understanding Transmission, Response and Control” it’s currently running again on Futurelearn. It’s in the 2nd, and final, week so sign up quick. All learners continue to have access to…

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US license plates

Why license your research? LSHTM seminar May 26th

Open licenses can improve access to, sharing and learning from our research and – hopefully – ultimately improving its impact

I’m looking forward to this upcoming LSHTM seminar which will explore the benefits to researchers in applying a licence to their work, the issues to consider and the different licence models…

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Thinning the classroom walls

Hello world. A new blog on open education at LSHTM

An informal space for LSHTM staff and students interested in open education

My name is Sally Parsley. I’m a digital project manager and technologist with the Disability and Eye Health group at the school. I’ve worked on Open Access materials for many years and more recently have got…

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