On Our Radar Team

Tobias Quinn

Head of Technology

Tobias has a background in embedded systems engineering and software development. He also has experience designing and implementing systems linking fixed and mobile telecoms to internet services, currentlyspecialising in systems that bridge the communication gap between marginalised communities and the wider world.

As the Head of Technology, Tobias Quinn is responsible for the systems design and software implementation of RESPOND Digital Diary connectivity, communications systems and dashboard.


Samah Ahmed

Head of Programmes

Samah is a Communication for Development Specialist, with an MA from Malmö University, Sweden. Over the last decade, Samah has worked for local and international NGOs, with diaspora organisations, and in the corporate sector, in countries such as Lebanon, Sweden, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Prior to joining On Our Radar, Samah worked as Consultant with various Diaspora organisation and as Project Manager with UNICEF teams in the Middle East and Africa.

As the Head of Programmes, Samah oversees RESPOND Digital Diary deployment of the hub, ensuring timely delivery of project milestones.


Elsa Camí Bou

UX Designer

Elsa is a UX/UI designer with over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, primarily in digital design.

As the UX Designer, Elsa is responsible for the user experience design of RESPOND Digital Diary dashboard taking user stories and creating digital user workflows.


Astrid Ortiz Riballo

UI Designer

Astrid is a graphic designer and art director with over 10 years of experience in the creative industry now working primarily in digital design.

As the UI Designer, Astrid is responsible for creating the visual design of RESPOND Digital Diary dashboard user interface.

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