Businesses That Transform Lives

We’re driven by finding new knowledge and solutions, but what matters to us most is that we change lives through our work. This means making sure our innovations reach the millions of poor people in developing countries who currently live without adequate sanitation.

We believe the market is the best way to deliver change – through strong, sustainable companies that supply effective products which satisfy the needs and aspirations of low-income consumers. Commercial success can’t be achieved without designing products which people will choose to buy and can afford. It also drives and enables continued improvements in product benefits and costs.

That’s why we’re committed to mobilising entrepreneurs and helping establish ventures around the world to commercialise our innovations. We expect such ventures to have a dual mission: commercial success and social impact on the lives of the poor (see also our Global Access Strategy).

New Business Opportunities

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking new ventures, or you have ideas for bottom-of-pyramid (BOP) business, we want to hear from you

We’re open to working with a wide range of partners – from entrepreneurs and local businesses to multi-nationals. They’ll need to share our commitment to helping improve the lives of people with access to poor or insufficient sanitation. We’d like to hear from anyone who’d like to work with us to commercialise the solutions we’re developing, or who has valuable experience in BOP business which we can share.

Support for Entrepreneurs

As potential ventures emerge from our innovation portfolio, we’ll be looking for individuals and organisations who have the interest, skills and capability to take them to market. We’ll be looking to them to help with business model development, market testing and finalising product design. We can offer our team’s skills and knowledge, and technical support. For suitable proposals, there’s also the possibility of support from our Venture Development Fund to help commercialise our innovations.

As we gain knowledge about our lead ventures, we will capture key elements in an online toolkit which will cover details of the underlying technology, market data and the business case, to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch ventures in their markets. This will help us achieve the scale and impact we seek globally.

Current and Emerging Ventures

In late 2011, the Venture Development Committee approved a joint proposal from Bear Valley Ventures and AgriProtein to develop the process, capability and business case for using Black Soldier Fly larvae to convert faecal waste into valuable products such as high-protein animal feed. This work is now underway on the University of Stellenbosch’s experimental farm in South Africa. One of the key outputs will be a toolkit, like a franchisee information pack, which will drive the core knowledge transfer needed to encourage widespread uptake and commercialisation of the process and opportunity.

We are also especially interested in hearing from entrepreneurs keen to work with us on the Tiger toilets project – not yet an official venture, but the next in line.

If you’d like to find out more about either of these new business opportunities or discuss the possibility of commercialising our products, please get in touch.

New Business Plans

We’d also like to hear from you if you have experience or fresh ideas for making new technology available to our target consumers. We’re looking for business models that can deliver our innovations to the people who need them.

How would you develop a community-based business model, for example? How might mobile phone technology be used to help reach consumers? We’re open to advice and learning from other products or sectors. So if you have knowledge or ideas about delivering consumer durables at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP), please contact us. We’re open to all ideas – whether tried and tested or completely new.

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