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Flibanserin for female sexual desire disorder: finally evening the score for women?

By Dr Kirstin Mitchell, Lecturer in Sexual and Reproductive Health at the School. I was disheartened to learn last week that the US Federal Drug Administration approved flibanserin for treatment of low female sexual desire. The decision was claimed as … Continue reading

Measuring social norms in practice

In LINEA’s July 2015 webinar, Julian Barr, Dr Nancy Glass and Emeka Nwankwo describe how they have measured social norms to track changes in the course of their work. You can replay this insightful discussion now.

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Summer project: six weeks in Zimbabwe

By Jennifer Martin, MSc Control of Infectious Diseases Zimbabwe is a beautiful country filled with kind and gentle people, but unfortunately since independence in 1980, due to a corrupt dictatorship the country is regressing. The capital Harare is littered with … Continue reading

Summer project: safe sex messages in films

By Sarah Borg, MSc Public Health (Health Promotion stream) My summer project entitled, Portrayal of contraceptive use and consequences of sex in sex scenes: an analysis of recent films popular with young people utilising mixed methods, looks at the safe … Continue reading