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19 – 25 March

A snapshot of media coverage on COVID-19. Since 1 January, LSHTM has featured in more than 13,000 pieces of coverage on the coronavirus outbreak across print, broadcast and online. Many thanks to colleagues who are sparing the time to conduct … Continue reading

27 February – 18 March

A snapshot of media coverage on the coronavirus outbreak: Peter Piot speaks to… (12/03) Sky News about President Trump’s decision to impose a travel ban on flights to the US from Europe. Peter said: “It’s hard to imagine that this … Continue reading

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Do population beliefs change if we improve appropriate use of malaria medications?

By Elisa M. Maffioli, Indrani Saran, Manoj Mohanan, Wendy Prudhomme O’Meara In malaria-endemic countries non-malaria febrile illnesses are frequent. Malaria diagnostic testing is becoming increasingly common. However, especially in rural settings, febrile individuals are often treated at retail drug stores, … Continue reading

Sex is biological and gender is social – right?

Recent social media debates have shown that misunderstandings about ‘biological sex’ are common. In our latest blog, DEPTH Director Professor Cicely Marston discusses how simplistic ideas now circulating about biological sex miss the mark – and why it matters.  Isn’t … Continue reading