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World Health Day. Sunday 7th April 2019.

When I first arrived at the School, the World Health Organization (WHO)  theme “Health for all by the year 2000” was highly topical, with an emphasis on access to primary health care. We are now into the nineteenth year of … Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness

I first became consciously aware of mental health when I was in my 20s, when a friend of mine was admitted to a psychiatric ward under the Mental Health Act (aka “sectioned”). This happened on two occasions, but I only … Continue reading

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Reports : snapshots in time

The reports series collection contains some very useful items, especially if you are looking for historical, geographical, statistical / epidemiological information. Reports series are typically health statistics and census data produced by governmental and non-governmental organizations on a regular basis … Continue reading

Rural hygiene – snapshot from the collections

  There are a number of works on rural health in our collections, including general works from dating the late 19th century when the public health movement gathered momentum. The examples I have chosen below are on the open shelves … Continue reading

Books for orientation

Books for orientation   In a previous blog* I extolled the virtues of walking in London. Here are a couple of books to set local walks in an historical  public health and tropical medicine context.   Black, Nick. Walking London’s medical … Continue reading

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To (p.) or not to (p.fol.)? That is the question.

I approached my manager  clutching a collection of books of various shapes and sizes that I hoped I had classified correctly and to her satisfaction. I had only been working as the library’s cataloguer for 2 weeks and was eager to meet … Continue reading

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Steps in the walking city

    I was fourteen. My history class were on a visit to London, my first visit to the Capital I can remember with any clarity. Unlike other school trips, which were mostly by coach or the school minibus we travelled by … Continue reading

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How do you say it?

How do you say it?   Borrow (verb)   “take and use something belonging to someone else with the intention of returning it” “May I borrow this book?” “May I take this book out?” The emphasis is on removing the item … Continue reading

The Bar Code

  “Mr Bojangles was NOT a tap dancer, he was soft shoe. It is not the same!” And with this remark, Mr Soft Shoe walked away with a bonus point for his team. It was pub quiz night at the … Continue reading

In the SHT

Mark (the librarian) looked up from a pile of pamphlets on nutrition and water supply and mused “why are these ‘bex-ee’ (BEXY) and ‘sez-ee’ (SEZY)?” As a young twenty something with (mostly) one thing on his mind he was no … Continue reading