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LSHTM on the bookshelf – February 2012

February brings us three new LSHTM books featuring alcohol, human rights and veterinary expeditions.

LSHTM on the bookshelf – January 2012

New year, new books. This month sees two books authored or edited by LSHTM staff. Working In International Health, by Dr Kate Mandeville, currently “Book of the Month” of the Royal Society of Medicine – Global Health, is a practical … Continue reading

LSHTM on the bookshelf – November 2011

On top of making the LSHTM a leading institution in teaching and research, the School’s researchers are also engaged in informing the wider public through their publications.

LSHTM on the bookshelf – October 2011

Excellence in education is a cornerstone of the School’s mission to improve health worldwide; seven newly published books, written by LSHTM researchers, highlight once more its commitment to increase understanding of the world of public health.

LSHTM on the bookshelf – September 2011

This month sees a new publication by The King’s Fund and edited by LSHTM’s Nicholas Mays and Lorelei Jones, with the contribution of Pauline Allen.

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