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Implementing Estimands in Trials: Detailed Clinical Objectives – James Bell, 3rd June 2019

Powerpoint slides from presentation by James Bell ‘Implementing Estimands in Trials: Detailed Clinical Objectives’, 3rd June 2019, PSI conference.

SAS macro for imputation under generalized linear mixed model

Multiple Imputation requires the modelling of incomplete data under formal assumptions about the combined model for observed and unobserved data (the imputation model). Generalized Linear Mixed Models provide a natural framework for modelling repeated observations, especially for non-Gaussian outcomes. The … Continue reading

Multiple imputation for time to event data under Kaplan-Meier, Cox or piecewise-exponential frameworks – SAS macros

Multiple imputation (MI) and analysis of imputed time-to-event data is implemented in a collection of SAS macros based on the methodology described in the following publications: [1] Lipkovich I, Ratitch B, O’Kelly M (2016) Sensitivity to censored-at-random assumption in the … Continue reading