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2 – 8 August 2018

Martin McKee is quoted by BBC News and the Daily Telegraph on new figures from the Office for National Statistics that show increases in UK life expectancy have stalled. He said: “What is in no doubt is the importance that … Continue reading

26 July – 1 August 2018

Antonio Gasparrini is quoted by The Times (£) on a new study he co-authors that shows without adaptation strategies to mitigate climate change, there could be a dramatic rise in heatwave-related deaths in tropical regions. Antonio says: “Several countries are … Continue reading

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19 – 25 July 2018

AIDS Conference Peter Piot is quoted by Devex on a new International AIDS Society-The Lancet commission written by a group of 40 international experts that warns the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is at risk of ‘dangerous complacency.’ He said: … Continue reading

12 – 18 July 2018

Neil Pearce is quoted by BBC News on the announcement of a new study that will examine the possible link between a history of head impacts and neurodegenerative disease in former professional footballers: “We don’t know much about the risks … Continue reading

5 – 11 July 2018

NHS at 70 Dina Balabanova joins BBC World Service Radio’s Health Check programme discussing the 70th birthday of the NHS and how it has influenced other health systems around the world. Martin Gorsky is interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback … Continue reading

25 June – 4 July 2018

Peter Piot and Michael Marks provide comment to WIRED on the control of the Ebola outbreak in DRC and the work of the LSHTM Open Research Kits (ORK) team in supporting vaccinations. Michael, co-academic lead of LSHTM ORK said: “Our … Continue reading

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18 – 24 June 2018

Karl Blanchet writes for Thomson Reuters Foundation on why migrant policies in EU countries must change: “We cannot stand here & watch people dying simply because their life is an embarrassment to our politicians.” Data from the LSHTM Cancer Survival … Continue reading

11 – 17 June 2018

A new LSHTM study finds that the global production of popular vegetables and legumes could be significantly reduced through predicted environmental changes. Lead author Pauline Scheelbeek said: “Our study shows that environmental changes such as increased temperature and water scarcity … Continue reading

4 – 10 June 2018

New LSHTM research explores the emotion of disgust, finding six common categories of things people find disgusting and which protect us from disease (poor hygiene, insects carrying disease, risky sexual behaviour, skin conditions – such as lesions or boils, rotting … Continue reading

28 May – 3 June 2018

Our experts in the media on the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Hilary Bower, member of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team, takes part in a Q&A with Devex on the Team’s deployment to … Continue reading

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