Transport and Health group

The Transport and Health Group is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers interested in the links between transport and health. This includes: evaluations of the impact of large scale transport interventions on public health; research on the health outcomes of different transport modes; and research into the wider public health implications of transport systems. Our research addresses public transport, private motorised transport and active modes, such as walking and cycling, in the context of a broad definition of the public health, which includes physical, mental and social well being.

The Transport and Health Group has completed several high profile studies, for example, for the World Health Organisation we contributed to the World report on road traffic injury prevention, for the UK Department for Health we prepared the evidence base in Injury trends and social gradients for their accident prevention strategy, and for Transport for London (TfL) we have conducted three studies into Deprivation and Road Safety in London; Road Safety of London’s Black & Asian Minority Ethnic groups; and Evaluation of 20mph zones in London. Other recent projects have included an international collaboration, funded by the Wellcome Trust, to provide evidence on the health effects of climate change mitigation prior to the 2009 UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen and a study funded by Camden PCT and TfL about how people choose to commute in London, with a particular emphasis on cycling.

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