Campaign for a John Snow Google Doodle

An alumnus who works for within John Snow, Inc emailed us to let us know about their campaign to get Google Doodle (the Google logo designs that crop up upon occasion) in honor of John Snow’s 200th birthday on March 15th

If you want to help with this campaign simply write a message to Feel free to copy and paste the one below:

Dear Google,

Dr. John Snow, the father of epidemiology, celebrates his 200th birthday on March 15, 2013. I think his groundbreaking work in tracking disease and regulating anesthesia absolutely warrants a Google Doodle in his honor. In stemming a cholera outbreak in London he mapped the community (his famous map is a great visual) and took the handle off a water pump (the Broad Street pump still stands today)–both of which would be great visuals for a Doodle.

Birthday Snow

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