Short Course: Global Disability and Health

playing-girl1-300x225This 5 day course at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine aim is to equip students with an understanding of the significance of disability in the global context, with a particular focus on aspects relevant to health in low and middle‐income countries.

The following information will be covered through a combination of lectures and practicals.

  • Basic concepts: what is disability? What are the major types of impairment leading to disability, and what is their global distribution?
  • How can epidemiological methods contribute towards filling the knowledge gaps in global disability? What are the issues to be considered when researching disability?
  • Impact: what is the main impact of disability in people’s lives, including in terms of access to education, employment, poverty and social inclusion?
  • Rehabilitation: what are the main concepts of habilitation, rehabilitation and community based rehabilitation for people with disability? How should these services be integrated within health systems?
  • Disability, policy and inclusive development. Why is disability policy important, and why must disability be considered for economic development?

This course is intended for those interested in the relevance of disability to epidemiology, global public health and health policy. It is equally suitable for clinicians with or without a background in disability, NGO staff involved in a wide spectrum of activities involving disabilities and allied health professions.

Dates: 17 June- 21 June 2013

Course Organisers: Dr Hannah Kuper, Dr Daksha Patel, Maria Zuurmond and Lisa Danquah

Applicants please visit the School’s website where application, cost, further information and electronic brochure can be found at

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  1. Adriana Amarilla

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am more than interested in the Global Health and Disability course. Currently I am a student of a Msc in Public Health at King’s College London so I would like to know about the cost and how can I apply for it.
    Thank you very much in advance for your time and I will be waiting for your answer.
    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr. Adriana Amarilla