This Wormy World – Mapping Helminth Infections

GAHIThe Global Atlas of Helminth Infections (GAHI) is an open-acess geographical information resource providing maps showing worm, or helminth, infections, as well as the data underpinning them. GAHI also offers data on the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of helminths. All data and maps are available on the GAHI website.  GAHI was started in 1998 by LSHTM Prof. Simon Brooker and Don Bundy of the World Bank.

Maps are available for soil-transmitted helminths, schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis, and different maps show survey data, predictive risk and control planning factors. These maps are available under a creative commons license , meaning they are free to use, modify and distribute.

GAHI is also committed to building capacity among NTD researchers and control programme officers in endemic countries. GAHI co-hosted its first short course on modern tools for NTD control programmes  in Nairobi on 12-17 May 2013 with participants from over 5 African countries. All course materials are available online along with a detailed timetable and course information.

GAHI re-launched its website earlier this year and now features a blog. If interested in contributing, please e-mail Nina Cromeyer Dieke, GAHI’s communications manager.

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