Msc Public Health in Developing Countries Class of 1999 15 Year Reunion

The Msc Public Health in Developing Countries class of 1999 met last month to celebrate fifteen years after graduating.  Alumnus, Dr Olaf Horstick, reports on the weekend: 

“Almost 15 years after starting our MSc (PHDC 98/99) a full weekend of “hello’s” and “how are you’s” it felt as if we only finished our class at LSHTM yesterday. Around 15 of our class attended (of  40) and a few brought their children: mostly quite grown up already.  With many different activities planned for the weekend, including of course a visit to the Rising Sun – the closest we got to LSHTM on that weekend, a walk and pub-meal in Hampton Park and for those who like this sort of thing, a visit to the Opera in Holland Park.  The glorious English summer helped, with freezing temperatures, wind and rain… but the good news: this ensured that we stayed closer together in pubs and restaurants, discussing also how to better network in the future.  Impressive to see how well established the group is in the wider field of global health, working often in leading positions for NGO´s, GO´s or International Agencies. The renewed energy in the group led to the promise to meet more often, trace those people who have disappeared from the email group, and of course to think about possible future work collaborations.”

Many thanks to Olaf and the rest of the class of 1999. We can tell by the pictures they had a brilliant time!

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