Alumni Profile: Dr Eva Elisabeth Lund

Dr Eva Lund studied the Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in 2006. She is setting up a new alumni chapter in Luanda, Angola. If you are interested in being a part of the chapter please get in touch.

Eva Lund 2When I decided to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine I was working in a Norwegian oil company advising on health risk for employees of their international operations. With the company’s increased exposure to tropical health risks I needed to get up to speed quickly and the School definitely helped me with that.

It was a good while since I had sat an exam and the nights before found me sleepless and worried. Good colleagues on the course encouraged me and they were right; it all went well.

The Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene set me apart from a lot of other Norwegian doctors and gave me an expertise that has been sought after. I have had some “heavy” management positions since then, but have now opted for a more hands on, in the field, type of job, working in a hardhat and boots most days.

My DTM&H classmates stay in touch, they are still an inspiration. Unlike me they are facing patients every day and I admire them for that.

Since I finished my diploma at the School I have worked trying to prevent occupational illnesses, mapping hazards, and mitigating risks. It is perhaps not the stuff that gives you fantastic moments of pride, but more about the steady plodding, iterative type of achievement. But I am proud of my career as a whole looking back and especially when I see younger colleagues that I have either recruited or been able to encourage doing well. So many people have encouraged me through the years and I am trying to pay it forward.

I am now working as a Health, Safety Environmental and Quality Manager for Aker Solutions in Angola.  We are interested in the ongoing Angolanization and supporting the local community with know-how and competence building as well as job creation. At the London School I was especially interested in Neglected Tropical Diseases as well as potable water issues, both of them perhaps part of the mindset of prevention.

Since I don’t work in clinical practise I would love to meet up with alumni who do. I am expecting to inspire and be inspired through this new networking opportunity.



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