A royal day to remember…

Amira El-Houderi, MSc Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases 2011, was invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace on 12 June to honour the work of the British Red Cross. 

Amira Buckingham palace

Amira El-Houderi

“The day was absolutely fantastic! A royal day to remember! Prince Charles and Princess Alexandra were present to honour the Red Cross and to celebrate 150 years of humanitarian work, especially during the First World War.

Due to the large number of people working with the British Red Cross, only a limited number of people were invited. I consider myself one of the lucky ones! I joined the British Red Cross in late 2012, and am currently volunteering at a home care Service at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where I provide short-term practical and emotional support to those recovering from illnesses and struggling with life-changing medical events.

What I enjoyed most about the day was meeting other people from different Red Cross services across Britain as well as meeting Red Cross workers from other countries such as Uganda and the Philippines.

In the garden, the military bands played ‘The Rose of No Man’s Land’, a song written to pay tribute to Red Cross nurses in the First World War. There was also an entertaining performance that I enjoyed very much by African dancers from Kwazulu-Natal, a province in South Africa. It was a special way to mark the strong humanitarian efforts made by the British Red Cross to support people living with HIV and Tuberculosis.”


  1. Said Hoderi

    Great job Amira

  2. Edwin Attard

    Well done Amira.
    Wish you all the best for the future and keep your thoughts in those in need as you always thought in the past.

  3. Zayd El-Basyouni

    Fabulous Amira , keep it up hard worker 🙂

  4. dania zada

    Keep the good work Amir .

  5. ibtehaj saleh

    great job amira
    wish u the best ever ^^

  6. Amira

    Thank you for your kind words everyone .
    Warm regards ,