Alumni Profile: Aimin (Nancy) Liu

Aimin Liu

Aimin Liu with Claire Bertschinger

Aimin Liu from China, studied the Diploma in Tropical Nursing in 2011. She is currently a Lecturer at the Nursing school, Kunming Medical University.

“I chose to study the Diploma in Tropical Nursing because I’m interested in public health and nursing. This course joins up my knowledge of both on nursing and public health problems.

The biggest challenge I faced was the Language aspect – especially in essay writing. But I asked for some help from my classmates, and Claire Bertschinger, the course director gave me the guidance and courage to overcome this. I really did at last.

One year after graduating from the Diploma in Tropical Nursing, I was offered a job at the nursing school; I feel the Diploma helped me achieve this.

My classmates are still contact with each other; they are just like a window open to me. I always gain courage and inspiration from them.

My greatest achievement is to be able to make friends with more and more students.  I see them grow stronger over the course.

In the future I would like do more research in nursing; to invite Claire to visit my nursing  school one day, and to come back and study a PhD at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.”

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