Goodbye Solomon!

Solomon Today, we are very sad to say goodbye to a much loved staff member, Solomon Egerton, who has worked in the School’s Refectory for 29 years.

Solomon is officially retiring, but between running two businesses, working as a part-time salesman for Utility warehouse, as well as looking after a number of international students, he won’t be getting much rest…

The thing he is going to miss the most is the atmosphere, and getting to meet so many friendly and helpful people. He will be back though; he is going to attend the international students welcome in September to continue sharing his advice to students who have just arrived here.

We will certainly miss Solomon, and wish him all the best in the future!


  1. Zabihullah Maroof

    Talk to me Talk to me !
    He is such a wonderful person. When i was doing my PhD at LSHTM, i found him as a very friendly and nice person. All the best and good luck. Zabih

  2. Laila

    It has been over 12 years since I was at LSHTM (ouch) but your smile in the alumni newsletter was instantly recognizable to me Solomon! I can’t thank you enough for ALWAYS being friendly and providing an air of relaxation in the bustle of the refectory. You’re one of the people who made my time at LSHTM a pleasure. I wish you all the best for your retirement and I’m sure that you know you will be missed.

  3. Clare Walker

    Goodbye Solomon,
    You were always so kind to me when I came in hot and heavily pregnant with twins.
    Good luck,

  4. Ada

    Yes! I remember him! A very friendly face in the refectory offering us menu choices like we were in a 7* restaurant! We wish you God’s guidance & all the very best in the future.

  5. Hannah

    Solomon, I will always remember your smile and warmth – thank you!

  6. Dr Ousmane TOURE

    Yes I remember my friend; I he is always kin to help me selecting succulent and cheapest food. I wish him very peasant future after the work.

  7. Laura

    I will always remember you for your cheerfulness and kindness.

  8. David Adewole

    Dear Solomon, am happy for you. Always there to help selecting the best combination of menu, at affordable price (lol) at the refectory, always smiling and obviously enjoys what he does. I also enjoyed some of the stories we share sometimes. Enjoy your retirement Chief.

  9. Peter Nkwo

    Solomon was a very useful and wonderful friend to me and many other students at the school. I’ll definitely miss him when I visit the school again. I wish him a fulfilling retirement life.

  10. Diane Robertson-Bell

    I remember Solomon from when I did my DTN, he was always so friendly, kind and cheerful, I wish him all the best, he will be missed

  11. Diane Robertson-Bell

    I remember Solomon from when I did my DTN, he was always so cheerful and kind, best wishes to him, he will be missed

  12. Annemarie

    the institution is losing an institution!! solomon, lshtm won’t be the same without you and your six jobs, and your always helpful smile when i came to look for last-minute rock-cake supplies… good luck and lots of fun with your new adventures!

  13. Hessom Razavi

    Good luck Solomon! A pleasure to see each day and an asset to LSHTM. All the best for the future.

  14. Jaiving C. Kazitanga

    Dear Solomon
    I wish you best of luck wherever you will be working again and everybody will miss you a lot.

  15. Anikara Atamunotoru (Nigeria)

    When I read “Good bye Solomon” my mind skipped. I said this face looks familiar!!! Its been 12 years since I left LSHTM, but I still remember the face, always smiling, ready to help. Wishing you the best in life.

  16. Sukarma SS Tanwar

    Solomon, i am so happy for you….but visualizing the cafeteria with out you…hmmmm difficult to digest. I am sure where you work you would surely be helping people big time.

  17. Basanagouda patil

    having a smile during work is a hard job for many but you always managed one. best wishes

  18. Angela Martinez

    Solomon !
    I’m so sorry to read you wont be down there anymore… Wish you all the best !


  19. Sabine Gabrysch

    Dear Solomon,
    I wish you all the best! Like many others I will miss your warm smile on my visits to LSHTM in the future…

  20. Ibrahim Mamadu

    Goodbye Solomon, we will miss your unique jolly laugh! And I so cherish the times we spent discussing issues in the refectory. I am sure we will meet somewhere else on God’s big earth.