Watch our team on University Challenge

We are very proud of the MSc students representing the School on this year’s series of University Challenge. The team includes Andrew Taylor, Rebecca Glover, Anjaneya Bapat and team captain Sarah Legrand.

University Challenge is a popular British television institution.  It is a BBC academic quiz show where teams of students from UK universities answer questions on a wide range of subjects. University Challenge celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

An episode featuring the School is due to be broadcast on 25 August.

Please do tune in and cheer us on!


  1. Ford Hickson

    Is it live? Is there any way we can get tickets to be in the audience?

    • Alice Perry

      Hi Ford, the programme was actually filmed earlier this year. You can apply for tickets to be in the audience for future episodes via the BBC website. It is filmed in Manchester and is a fun day out.

  2. Avinandan Saha

    How does one join the quiz team?

    • Alice Perry

      Hi Avinandan, students compete for a place in the University Challenge quiz team by completing mock quizzes. The students with the highest scores win places on the team.

  3. Jeffrey Howells

    Just watched your team on UC via sat here in Germany. Although it was close, you played well with a very good team captain.
    Congratulations and wish you all the best for the future contest.